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Ilan Virtzberg is an Israeli composer-producer-arranger-singer\songwriter and a guitar player.

Ilan's strat before it was painted

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 Here is a list of the best of his work.


1982-Batzir Tov Ilan Virtzberg & Shimon Gelbetz composed and performed the works of the admired poet Yona Volach. This album is considered by many as one of the best albums released in Israel.

1982-Galgal Mistovev The beginning of a long partnership with the father of the Israeli rock Shmulik Kraus.
1983-Olam Tzafuf an album of a revolutionary Israeli rock- punk band called ''The Klik''. It was co-produced with the band.
1985-Mishnei Tzidei Hakadur Ilan's second album, this time alone.

1986-Emtza September Ilan produced an album for the singer Gali Atari. It was his first big commercial success (gold album).
1987-shinuim with the folk singer Dorit Reuveni.
1987- Mashehu Bilvava Another long partership- with the singer Nurit Galron. Nurit is the ''main voice'' of Ilan's songs, she sang more than thirty  of his songs. Ilan produced and composed most of the songs on this platinum album.
1988-Tzaad Echad Lifnei Hanahar'' Another one with Gali Atari. This one  is the greatest commercial success of Ilan (almost double platinum).
1988-Acharei 20 Shana With Shmulik Kraus.
1988-Tzipor Hanefesh Children's album by Yosi Banai and Nurit Galron.
1989-Eem Malachim With  one of a kind singer\songwriter Tova Gertner.
1989-Achareinu Hamabul Another one with Nurit Galron (gold album).
1989-Bereshit Third album with Gali Atari.  All lyrics of this one are of Rachel Shapira.
1990-ma shenishar Ilan's third album which was  more progressive and included  instrumental tracks.

1990-Avi Toledano Sings Hanoch Levin The title says it all.
1992-Paamon Hazchuchit With Orna and Moshe Datz.
1992-Baiom Sheachrei Again with Gali Atari, co-produced with Korin Alal (gold album).
1994-Kol Haneshama  Ofra Haza. Ilan produced and composed most of the songs on the album.
1994-Iediduti Lasviva Again with Shmulik Kraus.
1994-Sihat hatzot Second album with Tova Gertner.
1995-Bat Kmo Ashan Ilan's forth album.  This album represents the Digital Audio revolution. It was all made at home on a PC.

1995-Derech Ahat With Hava Albershtein.
1997-Ze Hya Etzli Byadayim ''The works of singer/songwriter and producer Ilan Virtzberg are showcased in a new collection called It was In My Hands. Virtzberg, more of a musician than a star in his own right, has been writing songs for over 20 years, and most of his top tracks have been covered by artists such as Gidi Gov, Nurit Galron, Rita, Mazi Cohen and Hava Alberstein. All his best known compositions are contained on this highly recommended retrospective collection by one of our most respected and gifted musicians''(Jerusalem Post april 15,1997).

1997-Roy Aloni Vhahkivun Shenosea A young rock group. The album was co-produced with the band and had a big hit ''otefet''.
1998-Kol Zman Sheata Menagen The fifth Ilan Virtzberg's album,this time co-performed with a young and talented female singer Dalit Giladi.

1999-Love Under The Water & March Of the electrons  instrumental electronic-guitars albums.
2001- Kufsa Ktana  Shel Osher with the excellent singer Gitit Shuval which ilan produced and composed most of the songs.

2001-Ze Ba Bemaftiya -   After two years of doing an electronic music, Ilan returns as a singer/song writer with a new melodic rock album. See reviews HERE!

2002-Batzir Tov 2002- New edition!! With new digital mastering, two new songs: "Hchayalim Yatzu Laderech" & "Eish Tov Ohev Et Pitia" and a text called "Shir" that Yona Volach is reading with her own voice.

2003- Biglal Haahnashim She Ahni Ohevet  with the unique singe/songwriter Astar Shamir.

2003- Ata Yakar Lee with the excellent singer Ruhama Raz


Films,TV & Video
1983-Meaahorei Hasoragim Of Uri Barabash.
1985-Heeiooch Hagdi Of shimon dotan. Ilan won the ''Menorat Hakesef' 'prize for the music.
1987-Himo Melech IerushlaymOf Amos Gutman.
1988-El atzmi Of Paul Tamir.
1988-Mishaakim Bahoref Of Ram Levi (TV channel 1).
1989-Ehaad Mishelanu Of Uri Barabash. Ilan won again the ''Menorat Hakesef'' prize for the music.
1990-Derech Hanesher Of Uri Barabash.
1991-Haderech Leaein Harod Of Doron Eran.
1992-Maase Behamisha Balonim Children's videoperformed by Yaron london and Nurit Galron.
1995-Einei Haiala Video clip of a song from Ilan's album ''Bat Kmo Ashan'',  produced by Eli Hakim.
1997-Ishan Adam Video clip to Ilan's song, done by Eli Hakim and Ohad Perah.
1999-Al Mali Velama TV (18 chapters), on the air since 1999 in the Children's channel. Ilan
  composed the background music and most of the songs.
 2002-Harley Express TV, for the national geographic channel.

 2003-Ilands on the sea of Ieud levanon


Nurit Galron- Masheho bilvava,Kulanu zkukim lehesed,Ze lo ze, Ata harei iodea,Haleilot haksumim,Tahat etz hahava, Ani ohevet et hasheket and more.
Gali Atari- Hakol omed bamakom,Od meaat,Blues horpi and more.
Gidi Gov- Ma ata iodea al ahava and more.
Rita-  Tni li lehachclit(cover version,the original  is of Jozi Katz).
Ilan Virtzberg-Sex aher,Lo iaholti lasot klum,Al madregot hateatron,Rutz, Mehake sheipasek, Ein leaan lalehet, Kmo Basratim shel Disney, Od Yom Ala and more.
Hava Albershtein-Derech Ahat and Haparpar Vehaesh.
Mazi Cohen & Efraim Shamir- Kol iomi.
Ofra Haza-Ze iavo pitom,Million and more.
Gitit Shuval- Bli Lehasheer Akevot and more.
Iosi Banail-Aein Anavim Bagefen and more.

                 photo by Eli Hakim & Ohad Perah